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materiall: 925 sterling silver

Natural stones/precious stones/pearls:natural Dominican larimar, hematite

Size stones:13mm/pc

length earrings: 3.5cm


Design and handcraft in my own workshop.

Each piece is unique.

Delivery in a beautiful design packaging.

Designer earrings with larimar, handmade

colour: blue turquoise
  • Larimar - the blue jewel of the Caribbean. It was first found in 1974 on the southwest coast of the Dominican Republic and is now considered the national stone of the island state. Its color spectrum ranges from blue and light blue to turquoise blue and greenish tones.

    Protection stone for the zodiac sign:Lion

    Since I am not only an artist but also a craftswoman, I attach great importance not only to an extraordinary design, but also to high-quality workmanship.

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