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Sehr schick und elegant wirkende Hänge-O


It is often said that artists see the future earlier; in my case  this definitely applies. I have dedicated myself to art for years and constantly strive to develop my artistic skills in new and innovative ways. Discover my digital portfolio, my inspirations and which painting techniques I used.

I have been living and working in Weimar since 2010

1995 – 1999 painting school in Chimkent, National Art Academy Almaty (Kazakhstan)

1999 – Move to Germany

2000 – 2008 commercial training and business studies in Jena

2008 - 2018 numerous studies and courses in painting, design and jewelry design in Weimar, Dortmund and Idar - Oberstein.

2019 - to date diploma course - gemology, pearls & organic substances   of the German Gemmological Society eV Idar - Oberstein

04/12/2019 – Opening of his own art gallery & workshop for jewelry design at Jakobstraße 36, in Weimar

April 2020 - Relocation and reopening of the art gallery and workshop for jewelry design at Windischenstraße 27, in Weimar

April 2021 - The art of jewelery workshop

May 2021 - Painting of the world workshop    

art gallery

Svetlana Brehm

jewelry & painting


Workshop & Gallery

Jewelry design / painting

Windischestrasse 27

99423 Weimar

Phone: 03643 9000-876


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