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material: 585 gold (intermediate elements, strong magnetic closure)

Natural stones/gems/pearls: blue diamonds, cut, faceted, strong sparkle*

Gem Size: 1.8-4.5mm

Necklace length:43 cm


*the more light a diamond reflects from its facets, the more sparkling it looks


Design and handcraft in my own workshop.

Each piece is oneunique.

Delivery in a beautiful design packaging.

DIAMONDS gemstone necklace, 585 gold, handmade

colour: blue
  • Thediamond- the most coveted stone in the world is a symbol of purity and union and represents eternal love.

    The name ofdiamondsis derived from the Greek word "adamas" and means - "the invincible" and is considered the hardest stone of all.

    Blue Diamondssymbolize royalty and power and especially with satedshades of blue, are very rare and valuable.

    Theblue diamondis a 100% naturaldiamond, which comes in various shades of blue, from light blue to greenish-blue to dark blue and blue with violet luster.Blue Diamondsare not colorlessdiamondsthat are treated to obtain a blue color but diamonds thatnaturally blue in colorhave.

    The diamondsymbolizes indomitability, beauty and power and is an important main stone for the zodiac signs Scorpio, Leo, Aries, Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus and Libra.

    Since I am not only an artist but also a craftswoman, I attach great importance not only to an extraordinary design, but also to high-quality workmanship.

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